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2015-Audio Messages

2015-12-27__Letting Go and Pressing On__Phil 3__Jeff Hoover__49 min

2015-12-13__Showered with Love__Eph 3_18__Ian Rutherford__50 min

2015-11-29__COH Week 9__The Hard Places of Honor__Jeff Hoover__49 min

2015-11-22__The Battle Within__1 Thes 5_1-11__Linda Winters and Kevin Salinas__56 min

2015-11-08__COH Week 7__Cultivating Honor in Love__Jeff Hoover__46 min

2015-11-01__When He Walks Into The Room__John 8_1-10__Jim Kangas__44 min

2015-10-25__X Fire In The House__Ian Rutherford__120 min

2015-10-25__HOP in the Spirit of the Moravians__Jason Hubbard__50 min

2015-10-18__COH Week 6__Enemy of Honor-Control__Jeff Hoover__102 min

2015-10-11__COH Week 5__A Fresh Paradigm__Jeff Hoover__55 min

2015-10-04__Men Who Pray__Patrick Pickett__50 min

2015-09-27__Heart 2 Heart Honduras__Amy and Oscar Serrano__54 min

2015-09-20__COH Week 4__Cultivating Honor Within The Church-Pt 2__Jeff Hoover__38 min

2015-09-13__COH Week 3__Cultivating Honor Within The Church-Pt 1__Jeff Hoover__47 min

2015-09-06__COH Week 2__The Anatomy of Honor__Jeff Hoover__47 min

2015-08-30__COH Week 1__The Culture That Is Us__Jeff Hoover__48 min

2015-08-23__Thriving In The Process__Chris Walker__51 min

2015-08-16__The Path God Prepares For Us__Eph 2:1-10__Jeff Hoover__47 min

2015-08-09__Who Do You Say I Am__Final Exam__Jeff Hoover__54 min

2015-08-02__Who Do You Say I Am__Bridegroom__Jeff Hoover__49 min

2015-07-26__Knowing The Times__Larry Russell__60 min

2015-07-19__Who Do You Say I Am__Shepherd__Jeff Hoover__60 min

2015-07-12__SPECIAL__Praying For Our Kids__102 min

2015-07-05__Who Do You Say I Am__Lord__Jeff Hoover__49 min

2015-06-28__The Spirit and Power of Elijah__Kevin and Nina Salinas__64 min

2015-06-21__Who Do You Say I Am__Friend__Jeff Hoover__52 min

2015-06-14__Who Do You Say I Am__Prophet__Jeff Hoover__60 min

2015-06-07__Offended By God__Patrick Pickett__55 min

2015-05-31__Who Do You Say I Am__Teacher__Jeff Hoover__61 min

2015-05-24__Who Do You Say I Am__The Christ__Jeff Hoover__58 min

2015-05-15__New Friends__Jeff & Kathi Pelton__45 min

2015-05-10__God Is For Us__Jim Kangas__51 min

2015-05-03__Redemptive Discernment__Jeff Hoover__39 min

2015-04-26__Understanding the Times-Part 10__Discernment__Jeff Hoover__60 min

2015-04-19__Understanding the Times-Part 9__Application__Jeff Hoover__59 min

2015-04-12__Love One Another__John 15__Kevin Salinas__49 min

2015-04-05__Understanding the Times-Part 8__Interpretation__Jeff Hoover__49 min

2015-03-29__Understanding the Times-Part 7__OT vs NT Prophets__Jeff Hoover__56 min

2015-03-22__Understanding Gods Timing__Patrick Pickett__50 min

2015-03-15__Understanding the Times-Part 6__Greater Gifts__Jeff Hoover__57 min

2015-03-08__Understanding the Times-Part 5__The Seer__Jeff Hoover__56 min

2015-03-01__Worship-Part 2__Chris Walker__26 min

2015-02-22__Worship-Part 1__Chris Walker__45 min

2015-02-18__Ekklesia Rising School-Part 2__Justin Abraham__113 min

2015-02-17__Ekklesia Rising School-Part 1__Justin Abraham__106 min

2015-02-15__Sunday Morning At Evangel__Chris Davis and Others__68 min

2015-02-08__Understanding the Times-Part 4__Plumb Line of the Word__Jeff Hoover__58 min

2015-02-01__Understanding the Times-Part 3__Fear of the Lord__Jeff Hoover__56 min

2015-01-25__The Glory In You__Ian and Nedra Rutherford__45 min

2015-01-24__TRiHOP Anniverary__Ian Rutherford__80 min

2015-01-18__Understanding the Times-Part 2__Kingdom_Culture__Jeff Hoover__56 min

2015-01-11__Understanding the Times-Part 1__Big Picture__Jeff Hoover__56 min

2015-01-04__Obedience__Ryan Retterath__35 min