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2014-12-28__Aligning With Gods Will__Is 6__Jeff Hoover__52 min

2014-12-14__Hope Rooted In Jesus__Jer 17__Jeff Hoover__48 min

2014-12-07__What The Spirit Is Saying To The Church__Patrick Walton__73 min

2014-12-06__Jesus Our Sovereign King__Patrick Walton__83 min

2014-11-30__Preparing for the Age to Come__Rev 6 and 7__Jeff Hoover__68 min

2014-11-23__Time For Change-4__New Hope__Jeff Hoover__50 min

2014-11-16__Hearing and Obeying God__Patrick Pickett__43 min

2014-11-09__Time For Change-3__New Mission__Jeff Hoover__53 min

2014-11-02__Time For Change-2__New Time__Jeff Hoover__65 min

2014-10-26__AJ Marston Testimony__54 min

2014-10-19__Time For Change-1__New Focus__Jeff Hoover__59 min

2014-10-12__I Cannot Do This__Kevin Salinas__58 min

2014-10-05__One Glorious Hope__Eph 4__Jeff Hoover__57 min

2014-09-28__Hope Changes Everything__Jeff Hoover__56 min

2014-09-21__Greater Gifts__Jay Lerouix__87 min

2014-09-14__A Different Way__Luke 5__Chris Davis__46 min

2014-09-07__The Way Forward-Part 3__Jeff Hoover__57 min

2014-08-31__The Way Forward-Part 2__Jeff Hoover__52 min

2014-08-24__Surviving Tough Times__Steve White__50 min

2014-08-17__The Way Forward-Part 1__Jeff Hoover__60 min

2014-08-10__Reboot__Phil 4__Jeff Hoover__49 min

2014-08-03__Leveling the Playing Field__Jeff Hoover__51 min

2014-07-27__What Are You Saying Lord__Evangel__58 min

2014-07-06__Grab The Beard__Eph 5__Jeff Hoover__51 min

2014-02-09__Gods Love For Us__Darren__74 min