The Fasted Lifestyle

1 Thessalonians
Always Be Joyful
Never Stop Praying.
Be Thankful in All
Circumstances, For
This is God's Will For
You Who Belong to
Christ Jesus

24/7 Prayer

Don't Worry
About Anything
Instead, Pray
About Everything.
Tell God
What You
Need, and
Thank Him

Joel 2:12 Says, Turn to Me Now, While
There Is Time. Give Me your Hearts. Come
With Fasting, Weeping And Mourning

Daniel 9:3
I Turned To The Master God. Asking
For An Answer - Praying Earnestly.
Fasting From Meals ..........

2 Chronicles 7:14
Then If My People Who Are Called By My Name
Will Humble Themselves and Pray And Seek My Face
And Turn From Their Wicked Ways, I will Hear From
Heaven And Forgive Their Sin's And Restore Their Land

A Fasted Lifestyle is taking the realities of fasting, prayer and giving while letting them touch and have an impact on all areas of our lives. These graces are integrated into the highs and lows of life, becoming common parts of our experiences. Entering into a place of intimacy with the Lord that one can hear the heartbeat of the Bridegroom and the Bride responds here I am ..............