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2018-Audio Messages

2018-12-30__Crossing Over__Jeff Hoover__64 min

2018-12-23__Christmas Do not Miss This__Jeff Hoover__52 min

2018-12-16__Calling__Jeff Hoover__Jeff Hoover__28min

2018-12-09__Gods Heart__Week 10__You Are Good__Jeff Hoover__63 min

2018-12-02__Gods Heart__Week 9__You Help Me See__Scott Presseisen__69 min

2018-11-25__Gods Heart__Week 8__You Rescue Me__Jeff Hoover__52 min

2018-11-18__Gods Heart___Week 7__You Are Merciful__Kevin Salinas__ 44 min

2018-11-04__Gods Heart__Week 6__You Are My Strength__Jeff Hoover__60 min

2018-10-28__Pastors Appreciation Sunday__46 min

2018-10-21__Gods Heart__Week 5__You Are My Master__Jeff Hoover 57min

2018-10-14__Gods Heart__Week 4__You are my Protector__Scott Presseisen__50 min

2018-10-07__Gods Heart__Week 3__You are Faithful__Jeff Hoover__35 min

2018-09-30__Gods Heart__Week 2__You Are My God__Jeff Hoover__64 min

2018-09-23__Gods Heart__Week 1__Intro__Jeff Hoover__70 min

2018-09-16__Be Strong__2 Timothy 2:1-7__Kevin Salinas__60 min

2018-09-09__Positioning for Breakthrough__Jeff Hoover__58 min

2018-09-02__Calling out the Gold__176 min

2018-08-26__2 Timothy 1:3-14__Nina Salinas__52 min


2018-08-12__You Have Permissiom__Scott Presseisen__57 min

2018-08-05__The Holy Spirit Has A Voice__Jeff Hoover__65 min

2018-07-29__Resting in God__Jeff Hoover__47min

2018-07-22__The Spirit and the Bride__Kevin Salinas__54min

2018-07-15__School of Encouragement Intro__Jeff Hoover__61 min

2018-07-08__Staying Focused__Pt 3__Finishing What You Start__54 min

2018-07-01__Staying Focused__Pt 2__Dealing with Distractions__50 min

2018-06-24__Staying Focused__Pt 1__The Goal Is Relationship with God__59 min

2018-06-17__Trust vs Control__Scott Presseisen__46 min

2018-06-10__Learning to Say Yes to God__Jeff Hoover__61 min

2018-06-03__Gods Gotta Plan__Kevin Salinas__61 min

2018-05-27__The War Drums__Jerry and Leslie Chapman__67 min

2018-05-20__Being Christlike__Randy Russell__53min

2018-05-13__Team Work__Marg Geiger__51 min

2018-05-06__Road Trip__Week 27__Who Will Be the Greatest__Jeff Hoover__56 min

2018-04-29 __Finishing the Race__ Larry Russell__57 min

2018-04-22__Road Trip__Week 27__Deliverence Fail__Jeff Hoover__61 min

2018-04-15__Abassadors of Hope__Kenya__36 min

2018-04-08__Drumspeaker__Jerry and Leslie Chapman__68 min

2018-04-01__Easter Sunday__The Resurrection Life__Jeff Hoover__66 min

2018-03-25__Road Trip__Week 26__The Transfiguration__Jeff Hoover__62 min

2018-03-18__Road Trip__Week 25__Peters Good Confession__Kevin & Nina Salinas__67 min

2018-03-11__Road Trip__Week 23__The Mission of the Twelve__Jeff Hoover__43min

2018-03-04__Identifying with truth__Scott Presseisen__67 min

2018-02-25__Road Trip__Week 22__ Jesus Heals Jairus Daughter__Jeff Hoover__57min

2018-02-18__Jenna Spriggs__56 min

2018-02-11__Road Trip__Week 21__Jesus Heals a Demoniac__Jeff Hoover__56 min

2018-02-04__Road Trip__Week 20__Jesus Calms the Storm__Jeff Hoover__53 min

2018-01-28__Right Now__The Ever Passing Moment__Dave Curtis__46 min

2018-01-21__2018__Sanctity of Human Life Sunday__59 min

2018-01-14__Road Trip__Week 19__Encouragement for Sowers__Jeff Hoover__51 min

2018-01-07__Road Trip__Week 18__Women Who Followed Jesus__Jeff Hoover__59 min