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2017-Audio Messages

2017-12-31__We Are Created To Shine__Jim Kangas__52 min

2017-12-24__Christmas Eve Service__Jeff Hoover__ 18 min

2017-12-10__Road Trip__Week 17b__Jesus Forgives a Sinful Woman__Jeff Hoover__63 min

2017-12-03__Road Trip__Week 17a__Jesus Forgives a Sinful Woman__Jeff Hoover__61 min

2017-11-26__Road Trip__Week 16__Jesus and John the Baptist__Jeff Hoover__58 min

2017-11-19__Friends of God__Kevin Salinas__55min

2017-11-12__Ambassadors of Hope Kenya__Rodgers Audi__61 min

2017-11-05__Road Trip__Week 15__Jesus Raises a Young Man__Jeff Hoover__64 min

2017-10-29__Jenna Spriggs Testimony__61 min

2017-10-22__Pastors Appreciation__Larrry Russell__58 min

2017-10-15__Road Trip__Week 14__Jesus Heals a Centurions Servant__Jeff Hoover__50 min

2017-10-08__Road Trip__Week 13__Sermon on the Plain__Jeff Hoover__61 min

2017-10-01__From Breakthrough to Sustainability__Part 2__Scott Presseisen __51 min

2017-09-24__From Breakthrough to Sustainability__Part 1__Scott Presseisen__ 50 min

2017-09-17__Road Trip__Week 12__Selection of the Twelve Apostles__Jeff Hoover__56 min

2017-09-10__Road Trip__Week 11__Controversies Over the Sabbath__Jeff Hoover__46 min

2017-09-03__Road Trip__Week 10__New Wine Old Skins__Jeff Hoover__52 min

2017-08-27__Road Trip__Week 9__Jesus Calls Levi__Jeff Hoover__47 min

2017-08-20__Jeff Beck__Building Up The Body__59 min

2017-08-13__Road Trip__Week 8__A Paralyzed Man__Jeff Hoover__48 min

2017-08-06__Road Trip__Week 7__Leper Healed__Jeff Hoover__47 min

2017-07-30__His Heart Missions__Ric and Debby Cary__43 min

2017-07-23__Road Trip__Week 6__Calling First Disciples__Jeff Hoover__45 min

2017-07-09__Road Trip__Week 5__I Must Preach__Jeff Hoover__51 min

2017-06-25__Road Trip__Week 4__Jesus Heals and Delivers__Jeff Hoover__53 min

2017-06-18__Road Trip__Week 3__Unclean Spirit__Jeff Hoover__51 min

2017-06-11__Road Trip__Week 2__Sermon at Nazareth__Jeff Hoover__50 min

2017-06-04 __Connection__Kevin Salinas__63 min

2017-05-28__God Talks__Patrick Pickett__48 min

2017-05-21__Road Trip__Week 1__Intro__Jeff Hoover__49 min

2017-05-14__Celebrate The Legacy__Jeff Hoover__54 min

2017-05-07__Gods Resting Place__Adam Bradbury__54 min

2017-04-30__Jenna Spriggs__70 min

2017-04-23__Sow What__Week 10__Leadership__Jeff Hoover__55 min

2017-04-16__Sow What__Week 9__Patience__Jeff Hoover__60 min

2017-04-09__Sow What__Week 8__Creativity__Jeff Hoover__62 min

2017-04-02__Sow What__Week 7__Truth__Jeff Beck__45 min

2017-03-26__Sow What__Week 6__Compassion__Jeff Hoover__57min

2017-03-19__See What__Jim Kangas__69 min

2017-03-12__Sowing Into Revival__Jeff Hoover__54 min

2017-03-05__Equipping for Revival__Sunday Morning__86 min

2017-03-03__Equipping for Revival__Friday Night__127 min

2017-02-26__Sow What__Week 5__Worship-pt 2__Jeff Hoover__56 min

2017-02-19__Sow What__Week 5__Worship-pt 1__Jeff Hoover__52 min

2017-02-12__Sow What__Week 4__Friendship__Scott Presseisen__44 min

2017-02-05__Jerry Chapman Ministries__59 min

2017-01-29__Sow What__Week 3__Peace__Jeff Hoover__44 min

2017-01-22__Shifting Morality__Jeff Hoover__55min

2017-01-15__Sow What__Week 2__Money__Kevin Salinas__51 min

2017-01-15 __What Is The Lord Saying for 2017__98 min

2017-01-01__Sow What__Week 1__Time__Jeff Hoover__54 min