The Fasted Lifestyle

A Little History:

Why would someone want to commit to a Fasted Lifestyle and who would want to take one day a week, commit to a year of fasting and praying? The answer: A person that wants to make a difference in their life, family, church, region, nation and the world as a whole. Also a person that wants to seek God with everything in them, who will sacrifice the comforts and pleasures that the world calls good and God’s Word calls wasted.

In October 2011 there were 17 people from 2 different churches that went back to IHOP KC for a Prayer and Prophecy Conference. We all experienced different things but the one emerging theme continued to surface and tug at our hearts. The Fasted Life Style was glaring at us and the urgency for prayer and fasting was bubbling with passion. Out of this time came an idea of asking people to commit to one day a week to fast and pray for 24 hours. If 21 people committed to fast and pray one day a week there would be 3 people each day of the week fasting and praying.

When two or more are gathered in prayer great and mighty things happen...... paraphrase)

From there God continued to shape the idea of prayer and fasting for our church, ministry, region, nation and Israel. God is faithful when we hear His voice and respond..... the results are endless and amazing.

To date there are 38 people that are fasting and praying one day a week. This could only happen with the Lords Love and Grace that is guiding us into His will.

Our hope and prayer is that God will ignite our hearts on fire to go deeper with Him and that 24/7 fasting and prayer will not stop here but spread throughout the Body of Christ.

You will find on the Fasted Lifestyle 24/7 page :

  • A detailed outline of the prayer focus
  • A rotating schedule of the different focus so you won’t get bored praying the same prayers. Remember let the Holy Spirit guide you into the prayers he wants.

Some Suggestions:

  • There are small guide/encouragement booklets available that can help with prayer focus.
  • If you would like to take a day of the week for prayer and fasting, or if you are not a part of the Body of Evangel and you would like to implement this in your church body please contact Joel Davis 360-442-9151 or Tracey Pruitt 360-431-5822
  • There will be a blog up soon but in the meantime please journal the things that you feel God is doing or saying.
  • Please remember to pray for each other as we are doing this together in unity. There is a Prayer list out on the counter at the building. We also would like to pray for individuals that are in need of prayer.
  • If it is possible please come to TRiHOP on the day that you have committed to and spend some time with the Lord in prayer and worship. Coming together corporately can become a powerful time with the Lord.
  • A great resource to help understand the Spiritual Discipline of Fasting. “the Rewards of Fasting and Prayer” --- Mike Bickle and Dana Candler

“Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak!” Matthew 26:41